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Who will take care

Hana Amrouche

Director of the pre-school care. She has a lifetime experience in nursery schools abroad and in the Czech Republic. French is the second language. Is the soul of the whole project.

Zihend Belaidi

She comes from Algeria, mother of two children. She studied children's nurse. The has experience with the nursery care since 2003. She teaches French for preschoolers. She loves children and enjoys working with them.

Zdenka Beková

She worked several times as an au pair in France with children of different ages. Since 2003 she dedicated her career to children in kindergarten, work with children is her hobby.

Farida Mekhalfia-Rahmouni

It is a native French speaker from Algeria, where she graduated from high school. Is the mother of three children and in the Czech Republic worked in several private preschools in teaching French language. She also speaks perfect English. She is cheerful and working with children is her hobby.

Paed.Dr. Ivana Rezková, logopedie

Started her professional career as a qualified pediatric nurse in Prague Thomayer hospital and then as head nurse manger. She graduated PedF.UK - branch of biology, special education and speech therapy-psychopaedia. Passed the rigorous exam. She then started working as a teacher and later director of schools for the hearing impaired, as well as director of schools for children with learning disabilities and autism. After retirement she worked as a speech therapist in a special nursery school 'Sunshine´ And in kindergarten Lochkov.

Karolína Šlesingerová - taneční kroužek

Is a certified specialist in social pedagogy and dance trainer of the 3rd class. After graduation she formed the dance studio Emotion and became its instructor. Attended the annual internship at the Art Institute of Indonesia, where he received a certificate of specialization in Balinese dance. He has long experience in working with children.

Marie Kamínková

Social studies education, teaching children music lessons. He has attended a musical focus. She spent some time in France and took part in the Erasmus program in Paris. Among other things, monitors the children of French families in Prague.

Vojtěch Otčenášek, Dis.

Is an artist working as a painter and illustrator of books for children. He also works in art therapy (with disabled clients) and seeks to develop a child's imagination creative work.

Soraya Belaidi

Organizational and administrative affairs

Ramdane Belaidi

Executive head